Kuukausiarkisto June, 2016

* Tartsu

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tartsu235 Tartsu and meme: – Ha ha ha ha / – Hey, look what I found from the internet! / – Aaah! Where’s our eye disinfectant?

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* Oslo Comics Expo

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I visited Oslo Comics Expo and sold my comic Koli with my friend Li Xin. During the festival we entertained ourselves with drawing a comic on the table cloth.


Here’s the comic, turned to black and white for easier reading. We started the comic from the center of the table with the two characters going through a portal to explain the change in drawing style. I drew from the center to the end and Xin drew from the center to the start, drawing backwards in the storyline. It was fun.

Click the images to view them in a larger size.

oslocomicsexpo2016_1 oslocomicsexpo2016_2

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* Tartsu

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Tartsu and summer vacation: – Phew, there goes the last work. *mail sent* / – Now I have time to read all the books I didn’t manage to read last fall! / *snore*

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